Avelino Perpiñán Yuste was born in Barcelona, soon opted for plastic arts and design.

He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, where he obtained the title of Professor of Drawing, then a Bachelor of Fine Arts and later a Doctor of Fine Arts, through the Program of Representation and Interpretation in Visual Culture.

He shares of teaching at different levels (he is professor of drawing at high school at an IES -Institute of Secondary Education-, in Barcelona, has been professor of "Artistic Education" and "Didactics of Visual and Plastic Education", at various stages at the University of Barcelona), has taught as professor various courses of new technologies, including "Electronic Graphics", "Graphic Informatics", "Reading the Image", etc., in the Ciej de la Fundació la Caixa and at the Institut de Ciéncies de l'Educació.

With the doctoral thesis "Attributes of the Formal Categories of Infographic Representation in the Visual Arts" shows research activity that is found in the following lines of research: "New Technologies as a Tool of Artistic Creation"," Computing as a Vehicle Tool in Art Education", "Perception and Infographic Representation".

Experiments a creative first stage expressing himself through engraving, painting and the making of vitrified murals. From the mid-1980s he began to take an interest in new technologies as a means of expression and creation, making various series of painting through computer and artistically manipulated videos, as well as video installations.

After a decade silenced and intimate ceases in pedagogical activity and resumes intensively the creative process through artistic procedures; sculpture, painting and digital work. Leaves the city of Barcelona and installs a creation workshop in La Pobla de Montornès, Tarragona, Spain.

His professional activity as Professor of Art and Artistic Expressions has allowed him to remain independent from the artistic market.